About Coastal Georgia Realty Group, LLC

The cobblestone streets and historic districts of Savannah, coupled with the sand dunes and pristine beaches of Coastal Georgia, are truly inspiring masterstrokes of both man and nature. It’s what we discovered when we made the trip down south many years ago, and of course, what we found, we fell in love with. That’s why we encourage each and every one of you to pack your bags and get ready for a road trip that can possibly change your life, just as the trip we made changed ours.

About Broker/Realtor in Georgia, Brian & Kimberly Cowell

Hello! We are Brian and Kimberly Cowell, and this is Coastal Georgia Realty Group, LLC, your ultimate resource for real estate in Richmond Hill, Pooler, Savannah and other nearby areas in Coastal Georgia.

From a design/marketing strategist to real estate pros

Armed with degrees in Business Management and Design, our backgrounds have proven to be very handy in our careers as Broker/Realtors. Our education and experience in capitalization rates and investment returns are especially useful whenever a client comes knocking for advice on rental and investment properties. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help you meet them by crafting targeted marketing strategies and building strategic action plans.

As the trip we made to Savannah and Coastal Georgia changed our lives, we made the decision to relocate to Richmond Hill and build a new life – that of licensed Realtors and active members of the community. Since then, We’ve been steadily building a name for ourselves in the local real estate scene by providing exceptional and personalized customer service to each and every one of our clients, whether they are buying or selling.

From beginning to end of the buying or selling process – and beyond – you can count on us. We believe that everyone deserves exceptional service, which is exactly what you’ll get from us.

We found a real home for ouselves here in Coastal Georgia, and we’d like to help you find your home in this beautiful region, too. We hope to speak with you soon!