City Market

We’re always talking about Savannah’s collection of well-preserved historic sites and cultural attractions, but how about a taste of local flavors through two of our most beloved pasttimes: shopping and eating? For the best local finds, be it clothing or wares from Savannah artisans, the City Market at W. Bryan St. is the place to experience Savannah’s shopping and dining scene.

An amalgam of shopping, dining, and art

Aside from its fantastic shopping opportunities, City Market is known for its great art and endless rows of cafes and restaurants. Quite perfect, if you ask me. You can experience the best of Savannah’s 21st century delights – all found in within four blocks of restored grain warehouses. Locals and travel experts say that if you truly want to get to know Savannah’s art and soul, the City Market is where you should go.

Shops, restaurants, etc. you shouldn’t miss

Pie Society
19 Jefferson Street

Have you ever tried an authentic British pie? Lucky for you – you don’t need to hop on a plane and cross the pond to get a taste of some of Britain’s best loved treats. You can sample authentic British pies at Pie Society. An expansion of their Pooler establishment, the Pie Society at City Market offers original pie recipes such as chicken and thyme and the classic steak and kidney. Don’t miss out on their quiches, lasagnas, vegetarian pies, and desserts as well. Yum!

Savannah Candy Kitchen
318 West Saint Julian Street

If you’re looking for heaven on earth, Savannah Candy Kitchen might be it, especially if you’re a notorious sweet tooth! Comparatively less crowded and cozier than their branch on River Street, the Savannah Candy Kitchen at City Market offers all the goodies you can dream of. This is the best place to replenish your stash of peanut butter cups, candy apples, pralines, and more.

Wet Willie’s
20 Jefferson Street

Although you can find Wet Willie’s somewhere else, Savannah has embraced this establishment with open arms. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Wet Willie’s offers an array of delectable drinks, from colorful and tasty daiquiris to the strongest vodka they can offer. Crowd favorites include Wet Willie’s Pina Colada, Monster Melon, Chocolate Thunder, and Call a Cab, but don’t hesitate to stray from these crowd pleasers and try something else. For kids, Wet Willie’s has virgin daiquiris to keep young ones entertained.

Vinnie Van Go Go’s
317 West Bryan Street

For some of the best Neapolitan pizzas in Savannah, you definitely have to drop by Vinnie Van Go Go’s. Pick your poison as you can choose your sauce of choice (options include white, traditional, and pesto) and your favorite toppings (like Italian sausage, anchovies, feta, and broccoli). You’ll definitely have a lot of fun creating your own pie. Just don’t forget to bring enough cash ($10-$20), as Vinnie Van Go Go’s only accepts cash.

There’s more to explore!

Savannah’s City Market is one place you shouldn’t miss. For more information about the City Market, including special events and more, log on to